Sarasota Dry Carpet Care is Better than Steam or Wet Cleaning

Here are some ways Dry Carpet Care is better than steam or wet cleaning.  Number one of course is there is no drying time.  Another reason clean carpet with no sticky residue or moldy carpet like when you use water to steam clean your carpet. Also big pieces of furniture do not need to be moved when we clean, simply because we do not use water.

 When you get your carpet wet cleaned the water seeps underneath furniture so everything has to be moved making it a lot more stressful on everyone.  We move what is necessary to clean your carpet thoroughly. First we apply a pre-spray mist, and then a moist powder.  The powder is non-toxic and is pet and kid friendly.   The powder crystallizes around the dirt and pulling it to the surface.   It then absorbs the dirt quickly.  We then use commercial grade vacuums to extract the powder.

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