Sarasota Dry Carpet Care is Better than Steam or Wet Cleaning

Here are some ways Dry Carpet Care is better than steam or wet cleaning.  Number one of course is there is no drying time.  Another reason clean carpet with no sticky residue or moldy carpet like when you use water to steam clean your carpet. Also big pieces of furniture do not need to be moved when we clean, simply because we do not use water.

 When you get your carpet wet cleaned the water seeps underneath furniture so everything has to be moved making it a lot more stressful on everyone.  We move what is necessary to clean your carpet thoroughly. First we apply a pre-spray mist, and then a moist powder.  The powder is non-toxic and is pet and kid friendly.   The powder crystallizes around the dirt and pulling it to the surface.   It then absorbs the dirt quickly.  We then use commercial grade vacuums to extract the powder.

A Few Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Carpet

The first tip for maintaining your carpet is having it cleaned by Dry Carpet Care of Sarasota,Florida.  We recommend having your carpet cleaned at least once a year.  This is very important to the extended life of your carpet.  Having your carpets cleaned at least once a year helps prevent premature wear and tear, and will minimize the amount of dust, dirt and micro organisms that get ground into the carpet.

The second tip is very simple.  Have your guests  take their shoes off at the front door.  Leaving your socks on is fine.  This will minimize the amount of dirt and grime that is on your shoes to stay at the front door.  Wearing just socks in your home is a great way to eliminate dust and dirt that is on your shoes.  Going barefoot is not the best method.  The oils from your skin over time will stick to the carpet.

This attracts more dust and dirt.  Your carpet will become dirty more quickly.  The third tip is very simple to remember.  Don’t have your carpets steam or wet cleaned.  These methods cause major damage to your investment.  When steam and water are used, the carpet takes hours, sometimes days to dry.  When your carpet is finally dry and ready to walk on, the carpet is left with a sticky residue.

This sticky residue attracts a lot of dust and dirt, making your carpet dirty faster.  Go with these simple tips to help maintain your carpets and rugs.
Here are some things you should know about Dry Carpet Care and Capture.  It is convenient, safe and very effective.  It can be used in homes with children and pets.  Contains no bleach, solvents, or harsh chemicals.  We will easily remove the toughest ground in dirt, stains, and odors.  There is no sticky residue, so stains don’t reappear. And best of all no more soggy carpets!